Friday, May 22, 2015

Avery's Last Day!

Avery's last day of school was yesterday. She's had such a good year!!
Here are some things Miss Avery has learned this year...
-Avery has learned to write her name
-Avery recognizes all of her letters
-She has started really learning what the letter say. She will say, "Mommy, m-m-mommy. Mommy starts with M!"
-She has learned not just her numbers, but she has learned how to count
-She is starting to learn some shapes
This school has really put her in a place where she is going to know so much when she goes to kindergarden in a year. I have subbed in a couple preschool classes and they are learning things in her school now that they learn in actual preschool, and she still has a year of preschool to go.
She has made a lot of new friends and has flourished so much!

 Now, onto summer. Oh man, onto summer!

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dpetty17 said...

cutie patootie. Love her!