Sunday, January 25, 2015

Great Weekend with the Kids

This past weekend was a 3-dayer for us, and we had all three kiddos, which is always nice. Sophia and I got a chance to spend alot of time together. We have discovered a few things we have in common these days and both mutually love - Cupcake Wars and musicals. So, we watched Cupcake Wars at home and went to see Into The Woods one day also! Sophia is honestly one of the most positive and upbeat kids/people I know. It's really refreshing being around her!!
Not sure why, but it's taken my daughter up till now to discover the goodness that is cereal with milk. Usually, she just eats it dry. Well, we had cereal for dinner on this evening (don't judge me!) and she had two bowls. For those that don't know, cereal is my absolute favorite food in the world. I am glad to see her following in her mom's footsteps.

And in other news, this handsome almost-teenager got his braces off! And he got this awesome new peacoat. This kid is so cool - I am loving watching him transform into the wonderful young man he is growing in to!

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