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FINALLY - Master Bedroom Makeover Reveal!

Well, it's finally finished. At least, finished for now. I have a bad habit of loving something for a few years, then completely changing it.
The picture below, I did NOT love that.
Don't get me wrong - all of that stuff served us well for the first two years we lived here. It all matched, but there was just no, style, you know?
This room is very large. It has these gorgeous French windows, with lots of crown molding, white doors, and white trim. Can you tell in this room? Nope. Those black curtains, while VERY dark at night, also covered those windows up most of the time. They had no flow, no va-va-voom.
With the three French windows, I also have a door that leads to the sunroom. I haven't had a curtain rod long enough, so I just put cheap blinds on the windows for night time. It didn't do that door justice.
Everything just seemed to be bland and blend together.
We have talked about redoing this room for two years. Two years, we've lived with the so-so and been perfectly content. But we always talked about what we would do if we could change it up? We really didn't have a lot of ideas, but we both knew we didn't want anything super girly, it had to be serene, stylish, and fluffy. We wanted a fluffy bedspread, fluffy pillows, fluffy blankets. You know, like how beds and rooms look in showrooms? We also knew we needed some new bedroom furniture, but we had been shopping for about a year all over the place and couldn't find anything we liked. We went into a store one day and fell in love with white furniture. I have never really liked white, I always thought it looked cheap. But this stuff didn't look cheap. It looked awesome. I started thinking about all of the white and thought, "How great would dark paint look on the walls with all of that white?" I looked up some images of navy rooms and loved how in the right space, it actually opened things up instead of making it feel dark. And this is my vision come to life:
I could literally talk a novel about all of the stuff I got for this I will try to keep it to a minimum.
I bought those beautiful silver lamps at one of my favorite thrift shops in town. They are real metal, not painted that way. They came with different shades that were very dingy and put off a yellow-ish light. These shades came from clearance at Target for $13 each, which is great. I love the pattern. Those mirrors were $1.99 at Ikea. For $8, they make a huge impact, don't you think? All of the pillows came from clearance Steinmart and I LOVE them. The shams and navy blanket at the end of the bed are DD's Discounts, kind of like a clearance Ross (if you can imagine) and they were $10.99. YES!!! The white comforter was a wedding gift and we love it - perfectly fluffy!

The chairs you see below I got from a friend for $40. It also came with an ottoman that I moved out of the room. I got the chair covers from Sure Fit on clearance for $30 each, the pillows and throws came from Ross. The love all of the patterns in this room! Very geometrical.

I think the way the windows look is my favorite after. I had been eyeing those curtains at Target for months and when I finally went in to by curtains, these were 30% off. It was a sign. I love how they bring out the beautifulness of the wall. The shelves on either side, I've had forever, I painted them white. The candles on top came from Dollar Tree. The curtain rod I needed for this space would have been really long and really expensive, so great tip: buy two rods from Family Dollar for $10 and just add them on to each other. $20 curtain rod that is 166 inches long isn't bad at all!

These shelves had been in my brain for months. I wanted to make faux built ins and had really thought I would have to get the billy bookcases as Ikea for $25 a pop. It's almost impossible to find two identical shelves at a garage sale or thrift store, let alone 6. The same day I got Jordan's furniture at our neighbor's estate sale, they sold me these beauties for $5 TOTAL.
One day I will do a tutorial on painting wood white. It's not easy. Don't use spray paint, you will never get it white enough. I got two quarts of white for $8 each and used a foam roller that was AMAZING. I put two shelves together to create thickness, and used tape to paint the stripes. If you look super close, these are particle board shelves and the backing is basically cardboard. The stripes help to camoflauge it. Don't tell anyone. The wreath is my coffee filter wreath that literally cost me $1 and has lasted a long, long time. The mirror is the same mirror above, just painted white. I have painted each of those items below on the wall at least once, if not more. I like to recycle.

Here is a close up of the lamps...beautiful! We've never had two matching night stands, ever.

This big TV was just a treat for us. I love the dresser too. I'd like to say I refinished that, but no way.

I love this room SO much. We just love sitting in it and not letting kids in! (Just kidding. Kind of!)


Dante Storey said…
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Carrin said…
OMG! I was just telling my husband that I wanted to do our bedroom in navy blue. He looked at me like I grew a second head but he usually comes around to my visions!
This looks great! I love how the white pops off the dark walls. I have the same curtains in my living room & love them!
Dante Storey said…
Oh my! What a gorgeous transformation! Navy blue is really my favorite color and I love that I see it in your room. Its combination with white really made the room look classy and chic. It must feel really relaxing within. I particularly love those chairs and throw pillows. Kudos to you guys for the wonderful job! Thank you so much for sharing the lovely decor inspirations! All the best!

Dante Storey @ Healthy Bed Store
Scribbler said…
Your room looks fantastic! You just can't beat that deep indigo contrasted with a linen white. In fact, that's how I did my husband's den upstairs. I have always been a fan of white painted furniture, and it certainly looks great in here. If you were to visit my house, you would see that I have quite a few pieces I painted white. You did a very nice job of it all!

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