Sunday, September 7, 2014

Avery's First Day of Pre-K 2014

As soon as I had decided to sign Avery up for a pre-k program, all Avery could talk about is going to "Big Kid School." I took her up about a month ago to register, and she apparently thought that was going to be her first day. When we turned around to leave after I filled out the paperwork, she started crying in the parking lot that she wanted to start big kid school! "I want to stay, mommy!!" Avery started her school one week after the other two kids, but when they told us about their first week, Avery was always quick to say, "I am going to Big Kid School, too, right mom?" So, when it was Meet the Teacher, Avery was SO excited.
I was expecting school, but that night, when I brought Avery and she had a chair and folder and sign with her name on it, and bulletin boards with numbers and letters, and days of the week, and months of the year, and backpacks, and lunchboxes, and emails home from the teacher, suddenly I was picturing her first day of kindergarten, and middle school, and graduation. I was so excited to watch her so excited and to watch what she is going to learn how to do this year, but I would be lying if I said I didn't have just a twinge of sadness and emotion because I know this is just the beginning of her life flashing before my eyes.
This year, as we went shopping for the start of the school year, my mom and I decided to just buy her lots of dresses. The child will wear other things (sometimes), but mostly, it's dresses. And on a given day, we will have two or three outfit changes. She is a girly girl when it comes to that. Now, you see that bow in her hair? That will stay in a total of 30 minutes. Then, she just rips her hair down. I can't get her to keep her hair done these days!!!
She requested I take a couple silly shots too. :-)
On her second day, Avery got homework....HOMEWORK!! It was tracing her numbers, so we worked on it, and she did a really great job! She is great with numbers and counting. I am looking forward to her starting to recognize letters, too.
Here are a list of Avery's Favorite Things these days, we will see if this stays this way at the end of the year!
Favorite Thing to Wear: DRESSES!!
Favorite TV Show: Sophia the First or Doc McStuffins
Favorite Movie: Hotel Transylvania
Favorite Foods: PB&J sandwiches, applesauce, granola bars
Favorite Thing To Do: Be my shadow!!!
Favorite New "Trick:" Swimming in the pool without a floatie! (She's gotten quite good!)
Favorite Friend: Anyone who will play with her while she's bossing them around (And her sister).
Favorite Song: "Without You" Toby Mac
Favorite Toy: Her new Big Wheels
Favorite Book: Paragon "Excuse Me!" Storybook
Favorite Sayings:
"Oh mom, that's brilliant!"
"See! I told ya,"
"Here's the deal..."
Here is Avery's First Day of Daycare when I went back to work (February 2011):
Her first day at Miss Jenn's after we moved to Grand Prairie (it just happened to be Halloween, which was interesting because when we dropped her off, Miss Jenn was dressed up as a witch! Avery was like, "Um, you are leaving me with WHO now?") (October 2011):
Her first week of MDO last year (November 2013):
This year, first day of Pre-K:
She is growing up so fast. Tear.

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