Tuesday, June 3, 2014

My Little Sidekick

So, we are going into this summer a little different than other summers. Right about now, in the past few years, it's been a mad scramble to figure out what we are going to do with the kids while we have them the whole month of July. It was always stressful, both planning wise and financially. This year, I have to say, it's a huge blessing that we don't have to worry about it, with me being in my new career. I've had people ask me how real estate has been going, and I'd have to say, GREAT! It's been a lot of fun. I love looking at houses with people and finding a house the speaks to them and being there through the process. I am cutting myself a little bit of slack right now - Avery has only been in school twice a week (10 hours a week) and now, she is out of school completely until fall starts. So, with a  3 year old, and a husband who works and travels a lot, it's always a task to figure out when I can work and how it can be done. It usually falls to the nights and weekends, and that works well for our family. I am looking forward to this summer, though. We will be getting our Hawaiian Falls passes and I see many a' day out there, under the sun, cooling off in the water.
With that said, Avery has been a real trooper, being home with me almost all day, every day, even when I have to work on the computer (which is a lot). She has traveled the neighborhood with me passing out flyers, she's gone to my office several times while I did things I needed to do, she's gone and previewed houses with me, and gone to other realty companies to drop off money, like she did today.
I really think she likes being my little sidekick and today, she was so good with all of the errands I had to run, that she got a slushie and Cheetos as a snack, at QT. You'd have thought I'd bought her a gold bar or something.
Earlier today, we had to finish some laundry and she wanted to help, which I was all about!!

Avery has just entered the "why?" phase. Everything is why? why? why? I love it but there isn't anything you can do to satisfy her curiosity. I've learned that. It's so wonderful to watch her switching in to the next phase of life, she is really so much fun!!

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