Monday, February 3, 2014

Why I Love "The Goldbergs"

I don't see a lot on Facebook or in the news about the ABC TV comedy "The Goldbergs," and frankly, it makes me sad. This show is one of my new favorites and I'd like to think I have pretty great taste in TV shows, especially TV shows that aren't always on the "grid" of popularity.
Why do I love "The Goldbergs," you ask? Well, for starters, what is this show about? This show is about a family of 5, along with their grandpa, set in the 80's. Yep, the 80's. Score "1" just because of the decade. Basically, the creator, Adam Goldberg, used to video record home movies of his family as a kid. He uses a clip from these actual moments and creates an episode around them (at the end, he shows the actual footage, which is the coolest part, in my opinion). This show is incredibly inventive with storylines and incredibly nostalgic. Every episode transports me back to my youth - the music, the clothes, the d├ęcor in the house, the toys, the movies they refer to, the TV shows, everything - it just brings me back to a time in my life I remember vividly and love to see.
The kids in this show are really funny. Barry, the older brother, is as dorky as they come (but doesn't seem to realize it), but positive and annoying to his other siblings. Erica is the typical, cool, pretty older sister, complete with sideways ponytails and fashion as cool as slap bracelets. Adam is the youngest, and the one whose older voice (much like The Wonder Years) narrates the episodes. The mom, Beverly, is a stay at home mom with great sprayed-stiff hair and awesome clothes. The dad, Murray, is the typical sitcom dad, with the grandpa, Pops, as the retired widower reliving his dating days at dark bars and with women half his age.
I just love this show. I love this show because each episode refers to a time of now (2014) and how things were different back then, before social networking, blogs, internet, and cable TV. For example, they had an episode about the wonder and greatness of visiting the local "video store," and the saga of renting a video (late fees and an actual video card). Another episode focused on Beverly being "the original E-Harmony and, with a passion for setting people up with their soul mates." Every single episode takes me back to a time in my life and gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling.
I really encourage you to watch this show. Yes, the kids will say an occasional "curse" word every now and then, but for some reason, it never bugs me, it just adds to the charm. And it makes me want to look at old pictures and wear shirts with shoulder pads.

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