Sunday, February 9, 2014

My Birthday Lunch

My birthday is Tuesday, but the kids wanted to do something for me while they were here. So, they planned a lunch for me with Jason as a surprise. I came home from church (Jason stayed home with Avery cause she was coughing) and there was this sign on the door...

I went to my room and I saw this sign...

So, I happily changed into some comfy clothes and got under the covers to await my surprise.
The kids came and got me, and I came out to a fully prepared Italian meal of spaghetti parmesan (spiral noodles, with spaghetti sauce with cut up chicken nuggests) and it was DELICIOUS!!! I got to open my presents, and I got my most favorite things from each of the kids - COUPONS!!
From Avery:
From Sophia (sorry for the sideways shots)

And from Jordan (upside down? Sorry. He had several more, I really liked his, especially the one that says "1 free Harry Potter movie with me."

Then I got a beautiful chocolate cake, complete with trick candles and sprinkles...

Man, I am lucky to have these cutie pie munchkins in my life!!

And this guy, who put such thought into helping the kids give me a great birthday lunch.

I think Avery liked the cake.
I would say this birthday rivaled even the best birthday party, even ones where my meals cost a lot, at a professional restaurant. So glad I have such a great family!!

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