Sunday, September 8, 2013

Nothing, Really.

I've been in kind of a writing rut these past few days. This last week has thrown me off my schedule - I had surgery and am still recovering. Today was probably the worst day, as far as soreness and pain go. I was surprised about that, considering my surgery was Tuesday. I am not one of those people that does recovering well. I usually push myself too hard too soon, when I should be just resting. I was worthless today but still didn't sleep as much as I should have. And here it is, 9:15, and I am writing on my blog. Oh well.
I haven't been able to pick my daughter up since Monday night. She actually stayed with my family for a few nights and that was hard. I missed her a lot. Now that she's back, it's hard for her to understand that she can't climb on me, I can't pick her up, and she can't hug me super tight. But, I am getting a lot of cuddling from her, as much as she can. I love it. It's the best therapy in the world. Today, she came and stood in front of me and was fixing my hair and she said, "Mommy, I just love you so much." Pain or not, I couldn't help but squeeze her and kiss her a million times. What better phrase has ever been spoken???
Avery is really into reading "by herself" these days. She is a lot like Jordan in that aspect. He will go in his room and read every night before bed. Avery has started doing the same thing. She takes books to "read" while she is lying in bed. We will leave her door open and the hall light on so she can see. I will read her a book and she will start at the beginning and tell me what she can remember about the story. I really am amazed at her ability to recall words. She also loves to look at the pictures and put the story in her own words.
I started thinking about her 3rd birthday party. 3 years old. Already. We still have a little less than 3 months and I am certainly not trying to rush it at all, but I can't believe I am thinking about it. It just blows my mind how fast life goes. It really makes you want to use your time on this Earth to the best of your ability and not waste a moment, doesn't it?
Three years ago today, this was me. 29 weeks pregnant. Makes me sad sometimes to think I won't be having another one.
Two Years ago, here is me and my sweet baby. At the time, she was having trouble handling it when I left the room.
Last year. She was really getting into taking care of her babies.
This year. Here she is with her one year old cousin at Gigi and Pops house.
I love those little munchkins.
Looking forward to a great week of resting and recuperating!!

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