Wednesday, September 11, 2013

No Cost DIY Piece of Art

It's always a little misleading to say "no cost" because at one time or another the materials cost you something, right?
I bought two canvases several months ago at Hobby Lobby for $5. I used one for my living room and the other one has been blank for a while now. I redid Avery's room (I guess I need to show those pictures, huh?) and bought five cans of spray paint. I had four of them leftover and decided to do a little project. I spent about $4 on some puffy stick-on letters for another project and had lots of them leftover. So, I supposed if you want to really break down the cost, it really cost me more like $30. But, since I have used these materials for several other reasons, I had them laying around, so I spent no money just to make this piece of art for Avery's room.
I used these puffy letters and the other canvas for something else and realized that these letters were so good for what I was about to do. I pulled all of the letters in the alphabet and stuck them on the canvas. These letters stick great but come off really easily which makes them so good for this.
I have a new comforter in her room that has lots of colors in it. I chose it because it wasn't just pink. I was tired of "just pink" in Avery's room. This comforter has brown, lime green, and blue as well. I painted a few pieces of furniture the blue and green, so I decided to go with pink and blue accents for this project. The first think I did was remove one letter in each line and spray paint the empty spots blue.

Once the paint was try, I replaced the letters and removed one other letter in each line and painted it a darker pink. I then painted the outside edges with the darker pink as well and let it dry.

A project like this, where you have to let several things dry, goes a lot faster on a 100 degree Texas afternoon. :-)
I then taped off a thick border around the canvas with painter's tape. I then painted the inside a lighter pink.


Just like magic, I removed all of the letters and tape, which came off perfectly and voila!!
I could really see something like this selling at Target. I just love that I got to make a customized piece of art for Avery's little girl room!!

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