Sunday, September 22, 2013

My Fall/Winter Holiday To Do List

I have told myself that since I have some time on my hands this year, I am going to do some things for the holidays that I don't always have time to do, or haven't felt I had time to do. I crossed my first thing off already - paint some pumpkins!!
My landlords are the absolute nicest people to us. We will come home and find treats, and this week, we came home to four pumpkins on our porch. They are always so nice to think of us! I decided paint them and do a chevron and striped pattern. I want to do the other two maybe like this...
or this.
My next to-do for fall is to give the pumpkin spiced latte from Starbucks a try, not because I like pumpkins or lattes all that much, but because I guess I am just a sheep.
The next on my list is to try a new pumpkin patch with the kids this year. I love the one we've gone to but it is so far away. This place in Grapevine looks so cool and has a real corn maze!!
This is also the year I am going to order some personalized Christmas stockings. I think about it every year too late, and by the time I do it, Etsy orders are either too full or too backed up to get them in time..
#11093 Christmas Stockings
We have a very tall ceiling in our living room and last year, a regular sized tree just didn't cut it. I want to go shopping on Black Friday because I heard that's when 10' tall Christmas trees are their cheapest. The one at Walmart I just saw was $250 and I think that's actually not bad. Yikes.
We have the kids for Christmas this year, so I'd actually like to spend one whole day in a Christmas movie marathon in our PJs, with good holiday treats, watching all of the classics (and these aren't even all of them!).
I would actually like to feel pretty and thin enough this year to be in our photo for our Christmas card. And I would also like to feel comfortable enough in my body to not look back at Christmas morning with a look of disgust. Oh my goodness, did I just say that out loud??
I just added the photo below because, well, that's awesome and oh so true.
Well, this is definitely a good list, I think!!! Have a great week!!

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