Friday, December 7, 2012

Why Rokus is legen...wait for it...ary!

Jason and I spent $59.99 on the best invention ever. It's called a Roku. And it's awesome.
When our Wii decided to stop picking up wireless signals and become useless, we were scrambling to figure out what to do because, you see, our Wii had become our Netflix streaming devise and without it, we just didn't know what we would do. So, I started asking around. I got two responses, either go with the Apple's version or Roku. Those were the best bang for your buck.
So I went to my Walmart, picked one up, and it's been amazing.
Netflix is only one of many things you can stream through this machine. It comes equipped with Pandora, Crackle (streams TV and movies for free, but not usually well known ones, but lots of cartoons), Hulu Plus, Disney, Netflix, Amazon and a couple others. They even have a new release channel, where the movies cost $3.99. Much better than a $5.99 pay per view. However, on their channel, you can download about a hundred others.
They have a free fitness channel with several types of workouts. They have a karaoke channel (which looks awesome!) They have games and apps, music, the list goes on and on.
And for those of you who've never had Netflix, they are putting on some great new movies, including their new deal with Disney which gives you access to Disney classics and new movies from Disney and Pixar after they come out in theatres. For $7.99 a month, it is well worth your money.
I just thought I'd give you my glowing review!!!

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goatpod2 said...

1st time commenting on your blog. We have Roku2 and we love it but it is just my parent's and I most of the time though, my sister and brother-in-law have a Roku as well and they're the ones that told us about it.

We just joined Amazon Prime so I can do lots of stuff for my Kindle Fire as well.


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