Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Kids' Christmas Trees

Good morning!
Well, for starters, for any of you Walking Dead fans, did that episode not turn your stomach, like, the WHOLE time? And what a great story line with Daryl and Merle. And the Governor, awesome! Now I gotta wait till February to find out what happens. Not cool.
Anyhoo, I felt like I spent all day Saturday shopping and then decorating the kids' trees. Just so you know, I do not normally get 6 foot tall white pre-lit Christmas trees for the kids' rooms every year. My mom was nice enough to give these to me, on loan, from the Cindy Tamplin Tea tree collection. I couldn't figure out what to do with their trees. I had an idea for Avery's, then inspiration struck for Jordan and Soph.
I tried using items they had alot of in their room, that they wouldn't miss being on a tree for four weeks. For Avery, she has tons of stuffed animals. Of course, she hardly touches them these days (more into coloring and tea parties than stuffed animals) but the second I put these on her tree, she wanted to take them down. We will see how long they last!
Photo: Avery's stuffed animal tree
The picture doesn't really do the tree justice, but it looks really cute.
Jordan doesn't have any big, fun items like the girls, but he has alot of army men. So, I decided to do a blue and green tree, and decorate it with his army men, and other fun toys he likes. Completed by Indiana Jones' fedora.

Photo: Jordan's army man tree

I bought each of the kids a special ornament for their tree this year. Avery got the cupcake that is by Minnie. Jordan got the Christmas Pickle. He loves pickles and when I saw this thing, I just laughed and knew he would like it. Apparently, back in Europe a long time ago, they would hide the ornament in the branches of the tree and the first one to find it got to eat the desert first. I think it's awesome and so does he! Sophia got a ballerina on her tree.

Sophia's tree is probably my favorite. This tree also inspired me for a decorating theme for her room, as I was looking in Hobby Lobby and came across the French boutique section, I just knew that she needed that. As I was looking through her closet, I realized she has alot of dress up clothes. So Sophia got a dress up tree! She has her play shoes all over it, purses, and her boas. It really is cute in her room.

Photo: Sophia's tree

There you have it! Our tree will go up this weekend and then we should be done for Christmas. I will show you pictures when it's done!

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