Monday, July 18, 2016

Redoing the Girls Room...Again

Every girl's room I've ever done has had an element of pink. Pink, pink, pink. I tried to make it different by painting Avery's room lime green, but still, we ended up with pink accents. I'm tired of pink and so are the girls. So this time, I did something with the girls room I wanted to do - black, white and gold, a little touch of Parisian flair.

The idea has always been to have two twin beds in one room for when cousins spend the night, so I finally got two white beds and a color scheme and then it was time!

First things first - I had some furniture to paint.

These night stands were leftover from a sale I did. I had them in my guest room but they look PERFECT as black with gold handles, don't you think?

This was also from a sale (recognize it, Nancy?). I didn't even paint the handles and it looks amazing.

I got a wild hair to paint that back wall black. Or at least, half of it. Since I already had a chair rail and bead board, it went together very nicely! I have so much white trim in my house, dark colors don't seem to really darken a room. Otherwise, I don't think I would have ever painted a wall black!

I can take a picture of a room, but light is a different story - I wish you could see these chandeliers better! My mom bought these for me when I was putting together Avery's nursery and I hadn't been able to showcase them well since. I've always wanted to use them over the beds instead of lamps, and it looks amazing!!!

So - just a little cost points here -

The curtains came from DD's Discounts - $9.99 for both
The letters came from Five Below - surprising, yes? They were $3 each.
The black paint was just Rustoleum Gloss Black - $8.50 for a quart and it did two rooms (I'll show Jordan's tomorrow!) and half of the dresser.
I already had the night stands - spray paint was Gloss Black and it was $3.87 and it did both. I already had the gold paint.
The beds were free from various places.
The most expensive thing in this room was the bedding. The comforters were $40 from Target, sheet sets were $19 from Target and the pillows were $10 for 2 at DD's Discounts.
The chairs at the end were $20 each from Walmart, and the pillowcases were $4 from Target.

All in all - this room redo cost around $200. Not too terrible!

This mirror has now officially been 4 different colors. I think I bought it at Walmart ten years ago for $10, so I have way gotten my money out of it.

These little chairs are plush and really cute. I love that they have a little sitting area!

I redid that dresser and it makes a perfect TV spot. I found that heart at Target and the Paris picture at DDs, and the rest of it, I printed off the computer, and used frames I already had. I think it turned out beautifully!

I love this picture of Sophia with the horses. She had just turned 5 the week of our wedding, and was so into animals (still is.) She ran off while we were getting in our carriage to leave and before any of us knew it, she was petting horses across the street. Scared a few of us half to death - but we got a great picture out of it!

The other favorite picture of she and I was this shot at the wedding. She was so teeny.

This is my favorite room is my house, currently. I'm so fickle!!

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