Monday, July 4, 2016


So, here are a few pictures from past July 4ths...

And for the first time - I didn't have a picture of our family in red white and blue. I just didn't think to buy shirts this year. Boo. But I do have this picture.... this year, that will just have to do!!

We had a good day with family. Ate a lot of good stuff, watched the kids swim, hung out, and ate again.

Don't be fooled. Pops blows bubbles even when the kids aren't there.

She tried to put her own sunscreen on. Little cutie.

Wha what!!

Ah, to be a preteen girl and be a teeny meeny.

And popsicles. Of course. It was quiet for a whole ten glorious minutes.

Everyone else got out and we sat and watched these two girls jump and jump and jump over and over. They are getting pretty brave, these two. Next year, we will have a 6th to add to the mix!!

Happy 4th, everyone!

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