Sunday, April 12, 2015

Happy 13th Birthday, Jordan!!

My 13 year old.
I said this phrase this morning.
Jordan turned 13 last Thursday. 13.
I can't believe he is a teenager....I can't believe this is the same kid I met when he was 7 that was obsessed with Legos and watching Indiana Jones.

The same kid who always seemed a few years ahead of his time. Who was clean and organized even as a first grader. Who was reading large books in the 2nd grade.
The same kid who surprised us by his interest (and aptitude) for music and joined the choir in 4th grade and band in 6th.
The same kid who was at one time timid about sports but is now the best defender on his soccer team.
I just can't believe how fast he has grown. And how tall! He is almost as tall as me and will probably end up surpassing his dad.
As a 29 years old, I hadn't been around that many kids in my adult life. And I never grew up with boys. Having a boy was a new experience for me....Jordan has always been a kid who has fascinated me. He is smart beyond his years, sensitive, and loving. He loves traditions. He loves order and rules. He loves movies that make you think. He loves Park and Rec (which I love about him).
It's hard to believe this is where we are headed in a couple short years...
Happy birthday, Jordan. We love you so much!!!

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