Saturday, August 23, 2014

Our Day At the Zoo!

We got invited to go to the Dallas Zoo with our friends this week - I was so glad we got to go because it's Avery first visit to the zoo this year. We haven't been to the Dallas Zoo in years. I just always assumed Fort Worth was better, but I have to say, the Dallas Zoo was amazing. It was really hot, but we got there early in the day and were able to see a lot. They also have a lot of air conditioned areas that have been remodeled. We had such an amazing time. All of the animals were out and interactive!
The giraffes were literally right up to the fence and we got to feed them! They are such beautiful animals.

We also got to see the predator encounter, which let us see the lions up close. They are huge animals!!

Even though snakes are always behind glass, they still always creep me out!! This snake somehow reminded me of Harry Potter... 
We were about to leave and decided to see if we could see the gorillas. This one was right by the glass. I don't know why, but he made me sad. I could look right in his eyes and there was just something oddly human about the way he looked at us. I am still glad Avery got to see them all.

Just another week and Avery gets to start school!

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