Friday, March 28, 2014

Why I Love The Swiffer Vac

I have a very large house with a lot of square footage. Half of that square footage is marble floors. I knew what I was getting into when we moved in, as far as cleaning this house and the floors, so it hasn't been a surprise to me how much work it is to keep the floors clean. It has been challenging with marble, though. You have to be really careful what you use. As of this point, it's been a little bit of Dawn and water, which is what I found that was recommended. But, it's not so much "mopping" the floors, but keeping them swept that's been the challenge. With two large dogs that shed constantly, a 3 year old who loves to drop things all over, and just dirt and general, I was sweeping all the time and it still didn't really get that clean. Plus, I was only doing it about once a week because it took me forever and I hated it.
I had my eye on the Swiffer Sweeper Vac for a while now.
It was about $50, so I just couldn't seem to pull the trigger. Last weekend, I went to a going out of business sale. It was on clearance and marked down, to $16. It was too good a deal to pass up! It comes with only to of the sweeper pads, so I stopped at Family Dollar and got a pack of about 25 for $4 or so.
You have to make sure it is fully charged, otherwise it wouldn't even put a dent in my house. So, after about 1 day of charging it, it was ready. This vac doesn't pick up large pieces of trash like a regular vacuum, but I'll tell ya, it has some pretty good suction. What it doesn't get with the vac, the sweeper pad picks up. I can do my entire house in under 20 minutes. Do you understand how awesome that is for me? That means that I pretty much sweep my floors daily now.
I still would say $50 is worth it for this product. It makes me life so much easier! I guess it's worth it for a large house, for sure. If you only have a small kitchen or something, than a broom and dustpan would be sufficient. But I also have a large room with brick flooring, which means it has lots of grooves and indentions. Before, the broom would just brush the hair or dust into the grooves. This gets all of it.
I highly suggest this product! Especially if you have lots of wood floors or hard floors! It's not going to actually clean the floor (like, sanitize). But I am keeping my eye out for one of these bad boys...
But at a retail price of $240, I have to just wait until I see a good deal. It does carpets and hard floors!! Anyone have one??

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