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Favorite Beauty Products

I saw on Kelly's Korner that she's doing "Show Us Your Life: Favorite Beauty Products!" so I thought I would participate!

First and foremost: makeup, cleansers and moisturizers.

I've tried a lot of cleansers and moisturizers and I've pretty much gotten back to basics. One tried and true product I have used since I can remember has been the Apricot Scrub. I got it originally because St. Ives used to be the cheapest, but it's become a brand name itself so now, I will just use the generic brand of whichever store I'm at. I use it in the shower every day and I love the way it exfoliates my skin. I have found good old fashioned Oil of Olay to be a great way to daily moisturize. It goes on light and works well. For those days I need extra skin cleaning action,. I used my Clearasil 5X cleansing pads. These are amazing and usually lesson breakouts within 24 hours. At night, I just will not actually wash my face. I guess I'm just too lazy and I hate water running all over the sink, so I use my Neutrogena cleansing cloths. They take off eye makeup easily and really seem to rid my skin of all makeup.

I've had this same tub of petroleum jelly since my daughter was born - 5 years now - and by the looks of how much is left, I might have it until the day I die. I use this, every single night, on my lips right before I go to bed. It works wonders for chapped lips and keeps my lips silky and smooth!

For makeup, I've really been impressed with the Bare Minerals line. Because my face is in the public eye so much, I really depend on makeup to hold up well throughout the day, cover well, and look as natural as possible. I've used their powder foundation for a while but needed to up my coverage a little more, so I recently tried their liquid line. You literally need three drops for a full face application and the brush is amazing. It's $28, but trust me, it applies makeup beautifully.

I also use Bare Minerals All Over Color, which adds color all over for a bronzed glow, their blush which goes on beautifully, and of course, the best thing of them all, their Mineral Veil, which blends all of the elements together and sets the makeup for the day. A little goes a long way!

For my eyes, I use a couple things. I love Ulta and received this free birthday gift last year of their eye palette. This is actually very good eye color. It blends really well and goes on smoothly. I was very impressed!

I've heard a lot of people like the Urban Decay nudes palette, but it's $50 and I can't bring myself to spend that much quite yet on eye shadow - don't get me wrong, I'd love to - but this Maybelline palette is a good alternative and about $41 cheaper!

I've tried all types of mascara, including pricey brands like LancĂ´me and Mary Kay. I've yet to find a mascara I like better than Voluminous by Loreal. It plumps and lengthens beautifully and doesn't rub off during the day. 

I have never thought to try Merle Norman because it always sounded like an old brand and we even have a store close to my house but have never been in. However, I bid on a beauty basket for an auction at Christmas and received these lip pencils and I LOVE THEM. I get more compliments on my color than any other lip stick I've used. I actually received three pencils in the box, one side is liner and one side is filler. I love the color and the way they blend and they last along time!

Another must have lip product is the Bare Minerals Marvelous Moxie collection. This gloss stays on forever and it's beautiful. Some glosses collect and get sticky throughout the day, but not this! It's a great top coat and works great with my Merle Norman pencils. I got these glosses in the Bare Minerals store, 6 for $19.50 which is a steal! And they'll last me a long time.

Now: Hair Care!

I'm one of those who feels like more expensive salon brand shampoos are a must have, especially if you color your hair. I'm lucky, though - with a sister as a stylist, I have access to good discounts.

Matrix Biolage Color Last is one of my go tos. Of course, the smell is phenomenal, but it cleans and conditions without weighing my hair down. My color lasts and my hair never gets dry.

My hair is very frizzy and wavy, so I don't ever miss out on anti frizz serum or oil. Really any brand works well, these are the two I'm currently using because they were free products with other items I purchased.

I use either a straightening or curling iron on my hair every day, so protecting my hair from heat is essential. I love the way CHI smells, any of their products are great. This heat guard goes on wet hair and protect, so does the Kenra products. I recently tried the Paul Mitchell spray - it goes on dry hair before you apply heat and it doubles as a styling spray. I really love this product!

On those days I don't care to wash my hair, I use Bumble and Bumble B6 powder which is essentially dry shampoo and works to dry out grease and freshen roots. Did you know that baby powder is what dry shampoo really is? I will use that if I run out of the good stuff and it works just as well. This stuff doesn't have the strong baby smell, though. The Beyond the Zone Fresh Fix gives my hair a fresh fragrance and allows for next day styling.

Last but not least: Skin care!

You can't beat the best - Bath and Body Works! I love their scents but I love the moisture and it lasts all day. I put on lotion after every shower and before bed and my skin stays soft and smooth. I always wait until they have buy 3 get 3 free and each bottle works out to cost less than some of the best grocery store brands. Those six bottles will last me a good six months and it's worth every penny!

I hope you enjoyed my tour through my favorite beauty products!


Deborah said…
Joining you from Kelly's SUYL. I really enjoyed your hair product advise. Thanks for sharing.

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