Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Just a Little Summer Update!

Our summer has been fast and furious lately! We are smack dab in the middle of VBS week but up till now, our summer has consisted of a lot of Six Flags and Hurricane Harbor!

We watched Jurassic Park with the kids for the first time (awesome) and The Lost World the next night (terrible). We really are excited that Sophia is getting old enough to start watching the movies we enjoy. For the last few years, each of the kids has basically been in different stages, so movie night together has been challenging. Avery went to bed and the four of us stayed up and watched it.

I blinded the boys with my flash!

Sophia and I continued our theater watching spree for this year with a performance of Shrek at the Uptown Theater in Grand Prairie. I'm so glad this is an interest we both share; I relish our times together when we go to these performances. This is our third show to see this year, the other two being the Wizard of Oz and Newsies. I can't wait until she is old enough and we can do a theater trip to NYC. It would be a dream come true. Avery is still too little to sit through the whole thing without being bored but before too long, I see these events being Whitehead Girls Outings!

Father's Day started out at church with breakfast, followed by a lunch at Olive Garden and golf. All of us had a great time!!

Jordan is turning out to be quite the little golfer. We started out finding him a club or two and a small bag, but when Jason got a new set, Jordan got his old ones. He asks every weekend to play. I wish he was here more, Jason loves having a live-in golf partner!!

Up next in our summer is a vacation in July. We were planning on going to Broken Bow, but with all the rain, there are still parts of the park closed and we didn't want to chance going in case of additional flooding. So, we cancelled the cabin and tried to find somewhere else to go, and just couldn't. So we are doing a staycation this year! There are so many things in DFW that we've both wanted to do but haven't done with the kids, either because of cost or distance. We have so many things on the agenda, including lots of eating out!! I can't wait!

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