Friday, December 5, 2014

Lights! Camera! I Put a Stage....Where?

I really can't believe I did this. It's too much, even for me. 

I started searching for girls' wardrobes online to find a cute place to put Avery's dress up clothes. They were like, $175 and up. I almost fainted - $175 for a kid-sized, dress up clothes closet? (like the one in the picture below) You've got to be kidding! But in the process of looking at pictures, I saw pictures like this


 No, I said. I am not putting a stage in my four year old's room. I will turn her into a monster. 

Then, for Christmas, I found a little working microphone on a stand on sale and thought....hmmm.

I couldn't get the idea out of my head. I started cleaning out Avery's closets the other day and found a shower curtain rod and two curtains. I also found a tension rod I wasn't using and it fit just perfectly in her green bookshelf. So, with a little rearranging...


Ta-da! I got married on a theater stage, people. It was only a matter of time before I would start putting them in my house. 

This bookshelf desperately needs a new paint job. I didn't seal it with anything when I painted it last, so I will need to redo it. But for now, it works. 

I didn't go overboard and build a floor or anything. The chandelier light has been hanging there since we moved in and hasn't matched the room since the first month we were here. Glad it's getting some use!

 Now THIS is a little girl's room. And the girls haven't stopped playing since they got home tonight. I cleaned up the stuff while they were taking a bath to take pictures, but they have just LOVED it. 

They keep closing the curtain and rehearsing. Sophia gives Avery stage directions and for her to announce her. They tell me to sit while they perform. I even found a kids' joke book and Sophia started doing a comedy routine. Best $0 I've spent in a long time.

And so - on with the show!!

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