Friday, October 31, 2014

The Ghosts of Halloween Pasts

This was the first Halloween we ever spent together.
Weren't they teeny?
I was SO excited to do Halloween with the kids. All of my previous 11 years of Halloween as a childless adult had been, well, let's just say eventful. So it was nice to be able to look at things from a mind of a kid again and do candy and games and dress up.
I was pregnant the year after and we didn't have the kids that year (or the year after that), but we did have a little baby angel in 2011 who got to do some trick or treating!

When Avery was 1 (she was a vet)...
Last year (Supergirl, and I can't even believe I can't find a picture of all three kids together? I am a terrible mother)...
And this year!


We really had to not look at him to take the picture. We kept trying to get one of him being super serious, but every time he'd look at us he'd smile real big. I know you can't see him so well, but there is a big Jordan smile there. He said this year, he only dressed up to help with the girls, and he really did. It's not even a costume, we actually got that stuff from the Army Navy Store so he can play in it for a long time. He said he felt bad to even asking for candy when he would walk Avery up to the door. I really thought last year might be the last year trick or treating, but we got one more year this year. I am kind of happy we did. He is getting so old and so tall and that little teeny ninja Jordan is drifting away faster than know, replaced by this older, more mature version that would rather stay in and pass out candy than trick or treat. I love watching the kids grow up, but sometimes, when I look at old pictures (of him especially), it just gets me right in the gut how big he has actually gotten. And he is getting bigger, literally by the minute. I feel like I have to replace his clothes every two months.
Hope everyone had a great Halloween! Now, onto Thanksgiving!

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